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Welcome Note by the Ambassador

Welcome Note
Welcome, Mauya, Silamukele, to the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the United States of America in Washington, DC. The Embassy is the official representative of Government, charged with the important tas...


Public Notice


  This serves to advise that the Zimbabwe Government has launched an E-VISA APPLICATION AND PROCESSING PLATFORM that is accessible on www.evisa.gov.zw.

 With immediate effect, applicants for Zimbabwe visas are now required to submit on-line visa applications DIRECTLY to the Department of Immigration Control in Harare, Zimbabwe, on the Website Address given above.

  Once the application is approved by the Department, the visitor would then receive a VISA APPROVAL LETTER through the system.  This makes them eligible to approach any Zimbabwean PORT OF ENTRY.

 The actual visa would then be physically issued at the PORT OF ENTRY upon payment of the requisite Visa Fee, with this enabling the applicant to enter Zimbabwe.

 The Zimbabwe Embassy in Washington DC Website, www., continues to give all-round information on the Zimbabwe Visa.

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Zimbabwe is endowed with abundant mineral, agricultural, tourist, natural resources and highly skilled workforce.Foreign investment is most welcome, especially where it will generate export earnings, creates employment, lead to the transfer of technology and skills and improve access to foreign markets.

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Zimbabwe is a famous tourist destination in Africa and boasts of a number of internationally renowned tourist attractions and a favourable year round weather condition. The best known and biggest tourist attraction in the Victoria Falls where Zambezi River plunges into 106 meter deep gorge which runs for 1.6 kilometres across the path of the river.

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